Pacy and Wheatley | Modern Methods of Acoustic Solutions

We understand that several of our clients consider Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics as the UK's premier acoustic solution company, No 1,
perhaps we've earned it; after all we've never failed to meet our acoustic target objectives.

It is easy and modern to create a list of words that should envelope each businesses values, now and for the future. How many companies enjoy
a market leading position knowing, in absolute terms, they must continue to offer quality, reliability and consistency; all of which can only be
delivered if we have a successful competitive tender.

Our Values | Key to our Success

Consult | Quality | Efficiency | Competitive | Flexibility | Reliability | Repeat

Consult:           Correct acoustic product.
Quality:            Product and Installation.
Efficiency:        Continuation of improvements in all areas.
Competitive:    Tenders will be competitive.
Flexibility:         Installation teams on site cooperation.
Reliability:        We do what we say.

Repeat:           Your Repeat Business | Our Success-In Our Hands

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