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Acoustic Plaster?

Acoustic plaster has been around for several years and is designed to optimise the acoustics of interior spaces. Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics have been at the forefront of product development since 2001, working with specialist plaster manufacturers to develop an effective acoustic spray solution further.

Acoustic plaster material is often used in environments where noise and reverberation need to be controlled, such as commercial environments, shopping centres, theatres, and leisure centres. Acoustic plaster works by absorbing sound energy, whereas standard plaster will reflect it; this energy absorption significantly reduces reverberation, creating clearer speech intelligibility as well as finer music notes. We have installed many of our seamless Acoustics plaster solutions throughout the UK and internationally in various places such as universities, restaurants, office spaces, entrance halls, museums, libraries, dining areas, as well as Southampton FC and Leicester FC changing rooms and soon to be Everton FS’s also and some very exclusive private residences.

For historic buildings, our acoustic plaster solutions (for walls and ceilings) can be coloured  to any ral or even specialist colours where we will provide samples of the coloured acoustic product as required to create visibility to ensure the heritage authorities can bring the building back to life and increase its use with the use of noise controlling products ensuring the room acoustic are under control without sacrificing its appearance. As the UK’s premier acoustic plaster spray solutions provider, we offer a full-vertical solution, from consultation to supply and installation. We use market-leading products, some of which we have helped develop, to achieve significant sound absorption with a seamless finish. We are proud to have provided our services to some of the world’s most iconic brands, such as:

  • Acoustic Plastering Room
  • Acoustic Plastering Design
  • Pacy Acoustics Plastering

Seamless Acoustic Plaster System

The seamless acoustic plaster systems that we have developed are environmentally friendly, made from a minimum 80% recycled materials and have excellent noise and reverberation control. With the acoustic plaster systems and finishes that we work with, as well as flat ceilings and walls we can work to curved ceilings and more technical Domes with the acoustic plaster application becoming more advanced with the acoustic materials having design flexibility for creating domes and perfect curves to give the aesthetics and achieve the acoustic control required for a specialist installation of the absorption panels and acoustic plaster finishes.

The non-polarised material ensures low maintenance and easy cleaning. Dust and debris are not drawn to the surface like standard painted surfaces. Our products are also incombustible and have excellent fungal resistance, making acoustic plaster an excellent solution to create a seamless finish whilst significantly improving the space’s acoustics.

Pacy and Wheatley provides a wide range of products to offer effective solutions for all your acoustic challenges. Our acoustic plasters include brands such as Rockfon Mono Acoustic from the insulation and acoustic specialist Rockwool, Fade which is a product we work closely with Ecophon, Bo Spray from Bowiq (a manufacturer of soffit acoustical direct spray), Vogl which uses German technology in acoustics and Styjl which provides Swedish quality products. All of these brands offer innovative acoustic spray solutions.

If you have a noise, reverberation, or echo or even a concern that this may become a problem issue in the distance, we are sure we can provide you with a professional acoustic spray solution to suit your project. Please call for an informal chat with one of our acoustic plaster experts, or alternatively, complete the short form below, and we will be in touch.

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  • Rockfon Diner
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