Specialist acoustic plaster system at the reigning Monarch’s home at Windsor Castle.

We are very excited and proud to share details of our recent project installing a specialist acoustic plaster system at Windsor Castle. Britain's largest castle, built in the 11th Century, has endured many invasions, civil wars and a place of rich history, but even royal residences need updating from time to time.

We were brought in to complete an acoustic treatment on the ceiling of part of the visitor centre, also known as the learning centre. Windsor Castle is Europe's longest-occupied royal residence but is also frequented by thousands of visitors each year, generating around annually, more than any other Monarchy building. The striking building's visitor centre was in need of greater acoustic control to manage the comfort levels and reverberation within the spaces to ensure the clarity of speakers within it.

Pacy & Wheatley were approached to discuss the installation of an acoustic product to manage the space, and proposed the Rockfon Mono Acoustic which we felt was the most appropriate product for the specified areas. The system was installed in the visitor centre and other areas, some of which had pitched ceilings whilst others flat ceilings with ornate light fittings and roof lights - important considerations when it came to the installation. The project provided an effective solution to the acoustic problem to control the unwanted echo and reverberations within the space, using the class A absorption that it provides.

At Pacy & Wheatley, we are immensely proud to be involved in such a high-profile project and being involved with this great piece of National history.

Find out more regarding our Rockfon acoustic solutions here 

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