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Matt Acoustic Panels

Matt Panel Wall

Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics are experts in the installation of MATT ​Acoustic Panels. Acoustics are an aspect of interior design that often is neglected, ​MATT ​Acoustic Panels are a great solution to improve the acoustics of a room. The MATT module's are designed to be used as a lightweight sound absorbent for the upper frequency range (500 Hz and above). These panels help reduce disturbing reflections of environmental sounds such as voices, telephone calls etc.

Modules are made of plywood, cloth and recycled wool, with different perforation and color to suit the aesthetics of any environment. Modules can be mounted on the wall, made into a wall as divider or even used as a screen. For further information on how we can help to improve the acoustics of your building, complete the quick enquiry form below.

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