Okka Acoustic Pine Needle Panels

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Okka Decorative Panels

What Are Okka Acoustic Pine Needle Panels

Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics are proud to install Okka Acoustic Pine Needle Panels. Okka Acoustic Panels absorb the echo inside this class A absorption solution, creating a warm and private environment. These panels are suitable for both loud and personal spaces, where creating a private atmosphere is very important.

Okka panels can be seamlessly jointed together to be used in versatile ways to decorate different rooms. Our acoustic panels are suitable for private and public spaces - from private kitchens to hotel lobbies, from small spaces to spacious galleries. We take special orders and unique panels are made according to the client's wishes. Share your idea and we will make it happen - whether it be adding LED-lights or even crafting special sliding doors for your living space.

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