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The Project

Specialists Acoustic Plaster Contractors, Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics, are delighted to have completed the King Edwards School project in Bath. King Edward's School is an independent school providing education for pupils of all ages and has done since the school was established in the 16th century in a city centre. But In the 1960s the school was moved to the outskirts onto a multi building site in hopes to build a bigger school. In addition to the academic curriculum the schools includes drama, music, sport and a combined cadet force.

Pacy and Wheatley were approached to provide an class A Rockfon mono acoustic seamless curved feature ceiling on the top and main floor of the new build project that was taking place. This building was built for canteen purposes and the top floor was for an overall use from a Study Hall to an Award and Assembly hall and the architect had envisaged that high reverberation would be created within the space and therefore required a superior product to control this.

The Solution

The Feature curved ceiling was originally a challenging task as the far end of the ceiling under the windows was an equilateral curve and they required being blended into a full Smooth curve. This was achieved by the complex installation methods of the metal mf celling with curved downstands helping to create the baffle islands. Sections of the rear of the Rockfon Mono Acoustic TE board had to receive relief cuts at the rear to allow the movement and flexibility required to suit the complex curve. An enormous amount of care had to be taken to ensure the curve was smooth and equal. The project was a trade mark Pacy and Wheatley project was completed successfully to the highest standard with numerous people showing there thanks and making remarks about the company and the work we had put into the scheme to achieve the ceiling which has the ambience with the space fantastic due the reverberation control implemented. Pacy and Wheatley also carried out the internal fit out to the project which is available to see at


“Performance excellent, great commutations, hard and dedicated workers”.
Mr Thomas Marshall, Site Manager, Beard Construction.

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