Acoustic Plaster | London

Acoustic Plaster | London
Acoustic Plaster | London ceiling
Acoustic Plaster | London roof

The Project

Following a very unfortunate leak from services above the Hall the ornate existing ceiling sustained water damage and required replacement works to restore the feature ceiling. Works where carried out by others however the reinstatement did not involve any reverberation control and this was soon realized through various functions where ambient acoustic issues were apparent to the diners and function attendees and found it difficult to converse across tables and within the space.

The Solution

Pacy and Wheatley were asked to visit the Hall to discuss the Issue and further commissioned to supply a 32mm ambient acoustic plaster system to 110m2 to control the noise reverberation within the exquisite fine wood paneled space and provide a calming atmosphere for people to enjoy whilst dining and attending functions.

The project was carried out and the problems for the space resolved, our fully trained operatives liaised with the main contractor and the Halls staff, to ensure any issues were avoided. The project completed earlier than predicted due to temperatures in the summer months being high and drying times reduced and all was achieved to the original budget.

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