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Acoustic Installation | Redbrick Estate, Old Street
Acoustic Installation | Redbrick Estate, Old Street, London
Redbrick Estate, Old Street, London

The Project

The Bloomsbury Theatre, London, opened in 1968, and has since showcased the best of music, dance and theatre, as well as a whole host of other performances within the entertainment industry. Quality acoustic control is a must for coherent performance, ensuring the customers enjoy each performance to its maximum, creating the perfect ambience for the shows. Our team supplied a specialist acoustic plaster installation to the theatre to help control sound and reverberation.

The theatre is part of one of the world’s leading universities, the UCL (University College London), which used to have 70 seats. Now, following a large renovation, the theatre has over 500 luxurious seats.

The Solution

Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics supplied a quotation to install our class A absorption classification Rockfon Mono Acoustic product. This was an ideal solution for the project, and was installed to the rear of the theatre at high levels, in specialist colour, black.

Part of the enjoyment of attending the Bloomsburg Theatre is the arrival, and excitement prior to the performance. Specific islands were built in situ within the entrance area of the theatre to ensure sound is controlled and to prevent reverberation through the main walkway areas.

This was a complex area, as it is set within the stairway of the main entrance. Multiple trades requiring access and egress made this a complex project.

The solution works perfectly. The sound is controlled as required, with various other acoustic products involved to enhance the experience.

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