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Fitzroy Place - Acoustic Plaster
Fitzroy Place - Acoustic Plaster Ceiling
Fitzroy Place - Acoustic Plaster Specialist

The Project

Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics have completed a specialist Acoustic Plaster project in Fitzrovia, London. Over the last 50 years architects Lifschutz Davidson Sandilands and Sheppard Robson have together produced the magnificent office retail and residential neighbourhood within Fitzrovia.

The communal areas and staircases between residencies required an acoustic solution to control the reverberation within the spaces to avoid unwanted echo and uncomfortable areas within these spaces.

The Solution

The project was a tricky installation due to the area of installation residing within the communal areas and stair cases. Works were to be completed whilst the main contractor was trying to complete the residences, therefore logistics and organisation was key.

The product installed was Mono Acoustic and was integrated with timber panels, within the areas which housed specialist lighting, and with polished plaster walls. The reverberation was perfectly controlled with the product.

The project overran due to the sequencing, however the finish within the spaces is perfect and has perfect sound control; ensuring a quality feel within the building.

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Specialist acoustic plaster system
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