Acoustic Plaster Project in Southampton

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    Amiri Construction
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    Specialist Acoustic Plaster System Phase 1
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The Project

Pacy & Wheatley are delighted to present our latest acoustic plaster project for Promega UK in Southampton. We were chosen by Promega UK, a leading developer and manufacture in the life science and drug discovery research industry, to install acoustic plaster solutions to their new head office and logistics facility. The team at Promega UK place a high priority on the physical and emotional wellbeing of the team within the new building, so controlling echo and reverberation was essential.

Sound waves bounce off hard surfaces, such as ceilings and walls, creating an echo which can interrupt conversation and workflow. In such controlled lab environments, reverberation needs to be kept to a minimum to allow staff to concentrate and communicate clearly and effectively.

The Solution

We were appointed to quote and install a Rockfon Mono Acoustic Plaster System to the Southampton lab and conference areas, measuring up to around 350m2. The Rockfon Mono plaster, with elegant render, provides class A sound absorption to the whole of the rooms proving to be a perfect fit for this project; set with shadow details between the existing Glulam structure.

We’re delighted that phase one was complete on-time and on-budget, much to the satisfaction of our client, and we look forward to commencing phase two.