Acoustic Plaster Solution | Arup Head Office, Fitzrovia, London

Acoustic Plaster Solution | Arup Head Office-outside
Acoustic Plaster Solution | Arup Head Office-inside

The Project

The Terraco Acoustic Plaster system installed into Arup’s new head office building began construction on Fitzroy Street London. With a very attractive atrium spanning seven floors, basement upwards, coupled with a minimalistic look and a full height decorative glass panel to one elevation, the chance of ambient noise leaking onto each floor required an acoustic solution. The specified monolithic appearance with good sound absorption characteristics founded the acoustic specification for the atrium.

The Solution

Sheppard Robson contacted Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics to consult together with Laing o Rouke, thereafter Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics were commissioned to provide and install their Monolithic Terraco 32mm Acoustic Plaster System to each floor around the atrium. The acoustical product would reduce and remove significant volumes of echo resonating within the atrium. Successfully installed and tested, the minimalistic modern aesthetics created a functional and acoustically comfortable surrounding for both personnel and visitors. Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics completed the project on time and within budget

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