Acoustic Plaster Installation in Winchester

Acoustic Plaster in Winchester
Acoustic Plaster in Winchester Exterior
Acoustic Ceiling Plaster in Winchester

The Project

At a very early design stage of an acoustic plaster project in Winchester, Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics were consulted to assist with details, and the installation for the project. Further to this, following a build process, we were instructed by Kingerlee Contractors to install our Ambient acoustic plaster system to the various areas.

The property is a large newly constructed residential dwelling, set in beautiful surroundings with large leisure swimming facilities, extensive living areas overlooking hillsides, with a river towards the bottom of the garden.

The Architects, Niall Mclaughlin, required absorption to various areas to create a comfortable ambience within the high reverberant areas. An acoustic solution was required due to the hard finishes which create reverberation problems, and therefore the client was looking for a product that will appear seamless and create the amount of absorption required within the spaces.

The Solution

The project incorporated speakers, light fittings and ventilation grills, which required suspension from the system. The Acoustic absorption created will deal with the reverberation issue to the required areas, and create peaceful spaces for leisure within the own home.

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