Acoustic Plaster Solution | The American School in England

Acoustic Plaster Solution | The American School in England
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The Project

The Acoustic Plaster solution American School in Surrey is a charming campus near Egshot. Founded 1976 as a University College and Preparatory School for international pupils. The Old Coach House in the Upper School, used for assemblies and examinations, required refurbishment. The Harris Partnership, Architects, realised there would be a problem with acoustic ambient noise and required a suitable acoustic plaster treatment for the ceilings. Existing beams were to be retained and protected leaving coffers for the installation of acoustic plaster. Additionally a colour treatment would be required to blend with architectural specification.

The Solution

Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics, Terraco Ambient Acoustic Plaster System, already a nationally acclaim product, was specified to address the sound absorption challenge. This comprised a 30mm sub layer of dense fibre board mechanically fixed to the ceiling substrate with a 2mm spray applied Ambient Acoustic Plaster finish coat. The plaster which is acrylic based allows for pigmentation in a large range of colours so we were able to match the architect's specification. Down lights and ventilation openings were easily incorporated within the system providing reinforced areas for future maintenance. Working in parallel with other trades the project was completed on time and to budget and now provides a noise free, comfortable environment for important assemblies and meetings.

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