Ambient Acoustic Plaster for the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

Ambient Acoustic Plaster for the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Ambient Acoustic Plaster for the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford-outside
Ambient Acoustic Plaster for the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford-ceiling

The Project

The Terraco Ambient Acoustic Plaster solution for the award-winning architect Rick Mather designed the multi million pound project to replace most of the existing Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Only the Grade I listed Cockerell building remains original. The wide open spaces within the museum presented the Architects with a real sound reverberation challenge, taking into account the hard tiled floors and scores of visitors discussing the exhibits. Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics Ambient Acoustic System was commissioned for the museum and has been installed to the atrium, education and cafe areas.

The design doubles the existing gallery area. A dedicated Education Centre and conservation facilities are included. The Museum re-opened to the public in November and was officially opened by Her Majesty the Queen on December 2nd.

The Solution

The architect required a product which was aesthetically pleasing without joints that would address the sound reverberation issues and absorb the echo and frequency of sound based around the human voice ranges. Pacy & Wheatley were appointed and worked together with BAM, Main Contractor; the Ambient Acoustic Plaster System achieved the correct frequency absorption and seamless aesthetics.

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