Brownsword Hall, Poundbury, Dorset

Acoustic Plaster Solution Brownsword Hall, Poundbury, Dorset
Acoustic Plaster Solution Brownsword Hall, Poundbury, Dorset roof
Acoustic Plaster Solution Brownsword Hall, Poundbury, Dorset ceiling

The Project

Poundbury Hall, Poundbury an idyllic urban experimental extension to Dorchester, built on the land of the Duchy of Cornwall, one of HRH Charles Prince of Wales ideas; designed by John Simpson, is the centerpiece of the new urbanization. The new hall experienced severe noise reverberation problems; Ashdown Architects, Dorchester were commissioned to find a acoustic solution and address with a clear remit of significantly improving acoustical problems of the hall. The challenge Ashdown's encountered was only compounded by the design of the timber beam ceiling.

The Solution

Following meetings and consultation, Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics were instructed to install the Terraco Ambient Acoustic Plaster System within the hall's intricate ceiling spaces. The result created significantly improved reverberation and hugely improved atmospherics. Prince Charles, and many local groups who use the hall, benefit today from the improvements. A local business, Smart Ideas, performed reverberation tests before and after the installation; a 41% reduction in reverberation time, achieved a significantly reduced troublesome acoustical problem.


Dear Joe and Darren: The result of the reverberation testing that Neil Crick did shows that there was an overall reduction of 41% in the reverberation time after Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics completed their installation. We have received numerous positive comments about the acoustics and everyone appears to be delighted with the improvement. I would like to take the opportunity of thanking everyone at Pacy & Wheatley who were involved in the work and single out Simon and Keith who were at the Hall for the entire 80 hours or so during the week together with Darren who did a great job of the acoustic plaster application. Please do not hesitate to approach us for any future endorsements or recommendations as to the quality and diligence of your work and products. Once again, many thanks. Gordon Ashdown | Trustee - Poundbury Village Hall Trust.

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