Douglas & Gordon, London

Acoustic Plaster Solution Douglas & Gordon, London
Acoustic Plaster Solution Douglas & Gordon, London ceiling
Acoustic Plaster Solution Douglas & Gordon, London outside

The Project

Douglas & Gordon estate agents have a number of branches in London, the one being developed resided on Sloane Avenue, Chelsea. Their appointed architect considered that there may be a need to incorporate noise control in the form of a sound absorption (insulation) products. Not wishing to sacrifice any aesthetics to the monolithic ceiling which could incorporate a number of recessed down lighter and air conditioning fixtures determine a flexible system would have to be employed.

The Solution

Proposing our Ambient Acoustic Plaster System, following meetings and discussions the main contractor J McGrath; Pacy and Wheatley were commissioned to supply and install our acoustic solution. The design encompassed a complex curve, not to be compromised, which was confidently achieved by our Acoustic Plaster System coupled with our installation expertise. The office now offered significantly improved speech legibility, ultimately being distinctly more private for clients, without compromising the modernistic design.

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