Hotel Acoustic Plaster System - London

Hotel Acoustic Plaster System London
Hotel Acoustic Plaster System London One Blackfriars
Hotel Acoustic Plaste London

The Project

One Blackfriars is a state of the art hotel located on the bank of the River Thames in London. Consisting of 161 bedrooms and seven suites, the new hotel creates a social hub for art culture and food. The area also has conference and meeting facilities. We installed a Specialist Acoustic Plaster System to assist in the control of reverberation and aid listen experience within the 5-star venue which is to open in October 2018. The hotel is located next to the new skyscraper informally known as the Vase; a 52-storey residential building which cannot be missed on the London skyline.

The Solution

Pacy and Wheatley were asked to tender the project and was very happy to succeed in having the project awarded to create raft with very complex integration of linear lights and large pendant lighting. There was a design created by Architecture design development which included several specific rafts which were formed utilising Rockfon Mono acoustic with elegant render which offers a class A absorption rated to control the ambience of the spaces, whether they were meeting or break out areas.

A very simply testimonial was given from Tim Cain of zenith which said it all;


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