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Grand Egyptian Museum Cairo- Acoustic Plaster
Grand Egyptian Museum Cairo- Acoustic Plaster Teaching
Grand Egyptian Museum Cairo- Acoustic Plaster Specialist

The Project

For some years now, international Acoustic Plaster specialists Pacy and Wheatley have been involved with the New Grand Egyptian Museum project in Egypt. An acoustic solution was needed for the great exhibition halls where some 100,000 priceless relics are on show. The exhibitions rotate through the museum including 5000 relics from the King Tutankhamen Collection, the statue of Ramesses II is already being re located to the new Giza location.

Scheduled for opening in 2018 the museum stands approximately 2 kilometres from the Giza pyramids.

The Solution

Materials and plant were shipped across to Cairo in readiness. Finally, on the 7th August 2015 Pacy and Wheatley flew to Cairo to undertake the sample area in readiness for main contractors and consultants to understand the installation and product build up. Throughout the installation of the sample we discussed, consultants and contractors and allot of friendly people wanted to know how the system was installed. We stayed a week to ensure the sample was complete and also attend meetings to help with the system approval process.

Following further discussions, the full project installation of 15000m2 is to go ahead and we shall be consultants required to attend and train installers to ensure quality installation is achieved. What a Fantastic achievement by all concerned and we look forward to the main scheme.

Grand Egyptian Museum
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