London University Acoustic Plaster System

Acoustic Plaster System - London University
Acoustic Plaster System - London University Ceiling
Acoustic Plaster System - London University Ceiling Acoustics

The Project

Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics have completed a Acoustic Plaster system at London Met University. London Met University have had a new Interpretation suite utilised for large conference calls which required reverberation control and was design by they wanted a triangular 3D ceiling which stood out and was on various planes and levels with diminishing shapes.

The Solution

Pacy and Wheatley were successful in securing the works with the Contractor Pirin projects, and worked very well together to resolve and create an impressive ceiling. The installation was a very challenging design due to the shape and the many different angles and break points within the surface, which created a 3D looking ceiling with crisp, neat lines and elegant render finish. The product offers Class A absorption to the area and controls the reverberation within this space to allow clarity and clarity of speech whilst in conference.

Pacy and Wheatley do like the awkward ones as we have over 20 years in this arena, and understand products and what we can do with them. The project was completed on time and to budget for the client and he has said within his testimonial below.


“The operatives are a credit to Pacy and Wheatley, great job well done”

Mr Bob Goodey, Project Manager.

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