Mono Acoustic Plaster London

Mono Acoustic Plaster London Mono Acoustic Plaster London
  • Client:
    Delmond Construction
  • Sector:
    Specialist Acoustic Plaster System
  • Type:
    Mono Acoustic
  • Procurement Method:
  • Location:
    South Kensington, London

The Project

Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics have completed an exciting Mono Acoustic Plaster Project in London. The Royal College of Music in South Kensington opposite the Royal Albert Hall was under redevelopment to provide a new purpose-built gallery, a hands-on discovery area, access to a climate-controlled performance space and a dedicated research area. Areas from the reception, basement, ground floor and first floor within the existing building required acoustic treatment including coffers against an ornate coving detail and arches to acoustic absorption to remove any unwanted reverberation.

The Solution

Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics were in discussions for a long period regarding the intricate detailed installation to curved and coffer areas which had ornate covings to form details against which we assisted in the design of these abutments to ensure synergy between the trades which is a service offered by P&W as specialists and were appointed by Delmond Construction who were working for Gilbert Ash main contractor to supply and install the Rockfon Mono Acoustic with Elegant Render to create a Class A absorption in order to reduce reverberation to the Gallery and musical spaces to ensure any echoic problems dramatically reduced to provide users with a calm and quiet atmosphere to ensure clarity.

Another 1st class installation, a happy client and problem solved.