Acoustic Plaster System Installed in Residential Home, Hampshire

Acoustic Plaster | Testbourne House
Acoustic Plaster | Testbourne House River
Acoustic Plaster | Testbourne House Canal

The Project

Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics were pleased to complete a specialist Acoustic Plaster System at a residential home in Hampshire. Following installation of ambient acoustic plaster system to the basement swimming pool area in 2008, a problem with service pipework became apparent. The result was damage to the acoustic ceiling within the private 3 storey house, with basement and complete with 6 bedrooms, reception rooms, Dining rooms etc and perfectly situated adjacent the river test, a purely stunning residence.

The original house was demolished and a new stone building was built with the basement pool area below the water table that has to be tanked, as its situated only 6m away from the River Test.

The Solution

Pacy and Wheatley were asked to return and visit to view the area and to return the ceiling to its former state, this required individual patch removal and reinstatement of areas and the finish applied with great results; the testimonial below indicates the level of service given.

Unfortunately due to the strict photograph policy at the property we are unable to show photographs of the house or works carried out.


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