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Battersea Flat
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The Project

Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics complete a Residential Acoustic Plaster System installation in London. Based on the side of the River Thames located in the Battersea area, the Albion Riverside building stands. This high class development and singular apartment was being refurbished to a very high standard and was having a very expensive audio system installed and the need for clarity of the sound and areas of sound absorption to ensure the clean sounds were perfectly heard. The project had low ceilings and therefore unable to install most systems that incur approximately 30-40mm depth, as this would encroach too low within the apartment.

The Solution

Pacy and Wheatley were contacted regarding the project and all aspects discussed; the issue of the depth was certainly a major factor of the requirement. As with all of Pacy and Wheatley’s products these are seamless, following the discussions a proposal to utilise 10mm of our seamless Ambient acoustic Basecoat system was approved. The solution answered all the criteria for the client due to its depth, sound control and finish, the sound absorption created reduced any reverberation and ensured the clean sounds required were realised. The installation also greatly enhances speech intelligibility and reduces any echo; therefore ensures a great arena for an un-disturbed listening experience.

The project started very quickly following the go ahead and all works were completed on time and to budget.

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