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Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics were delighted to have been awarded and completed two Rockfon Mono Acoustic installations for offices in London and West Yorkshire. Our team have worked on many previous projects with Rockfon Mono Acoustic and installed the ceilings in both offices. We worked in the refurbished offices of Max Fordham building services engineers and A+DP Architects to create unique acoustic ceiling designs.

Max Fordham

Max Fordham is a successful, London-based building engineering company, so they know a thing or two about achieving excellent acoustic solutions in office environments. As part of their office refit, they chose the monolithic Rockfon Mono Acoustic ceiling for the meeting room and relaxation areas.

“We were looking for a smooth, white seamless ceiling which could provide as much sound absorption as possible,” Senior Partner Dr Anthony Chilton explains. “We hold regular social events when our communal areas are packed with people. Before the installation, it was difficult to make yourself understood without shouting above the din. The new ceiling has reduced the noise levels and created comfortable spaces.”

A+DP Architects

A+DP Architects in West Yorkshire have been delivering bespoke architectural designs for over 40 years. Founder Russel Earnshaw specified a Rockfon Mono Acoustic installation for their office reception and meeting room.

“The new ceiling has made a noticeable difference to the level of reverberation, particularly in the reception area. We are very impressed with the finished result, particularly the seamless integration of the light fittings and services.”

The ceilings in A+DP’s office required a bespoke solution in order to create the clean lines around the architectural features. An acoustic raft was fitted in each of the two areas, finished with TE render. This combination lead to a uniform and regular spread of light in the reception and meeting areas.

The Solution

As always, it was a pleasure to work with Rockfon Mono Acoustic. Both projects look fantastic – the Max Fordham Project ran smoothly and was completed to the client’s requirements, while the integrated lighting systems in the A+DP Architects really look great.

We achieved a high standard of finish in both offices and the clients are extremely pleased.

Max Fordham
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