Rockfon Mono Acoustics, Southampton FC

Rockfon Mono Acoustics - Southampton
Rockfon Mono Acoustics - Southampton FC
Rockfon Mono Acoustics - Southampton FC

The Project

Pacy & Wheatley were contacted by ITS Interiors to install a Rockfon Mono acoustic plaster system to Southampton FC’s dressing room. “The Saints’” changing rooms was undergoing renovation to update the layout and design, so we were asked to ensure the environment was acoustically healthy. Our team were asked to make sure the surroundings had sound acoustics, to allow relaxation and complete focus for the premiership players to enjoy.

The Solution

The detailed curved troughs, within the large symmetrical space, were installed using plywood formers fixed to the grid works. We installed the plasterboard and beading to form the curves and sprayed with Rockfon Mono elegant render, in white.

We were chosen to supply the Rockfon Mono acoustic plaster system to the feature ceiling, following the design proposed by KSS Architects. In initial meetings, it was evident that Rockfon Mono was the first-choice product required to absorb reverberation and create a balanced atmosphere.

Pacy & Wheatley installed the ceiling, working alongside ITS interiors, to create a seamless finish against the lighting and speaker systems also installed.

The new dressing room is now ready for the start of the 2019/2020 season, after a full refurbishment to the players, manages and coach areas. The new design is much more cohesive, bringing together all team members into one space.

We’re proud to have worked on yet another state-of-the-art project, much to the satisfaction of our client.

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