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St Lawrence House, London Reception Desk
St Lawrence House, London Reception Desk Wall
St Lawrence House, London Reception Desk Left

The Project

Specialist Acoustic Plaster Contractors, Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics, are delighted to have completed the St Lawrence House project in Soho, London. St Lawrence House was a redevelopment scheme that would create new restaurant facilities along with retail areas to the ground floor and 76,400m2 of office space. The building would have a large reception area, with hard finishes and would requiredsome absorption to be created to take away the unwanted reverberation.

The Solution

Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics quoted to install their Rockfon Mono Acoustic product which offers a 5 star absorption class, which would be perfect for the project. The rear wall had brackets that set a fine type arrangement to the wall and therefore protected the low level installation. Access panels where placed along the area to allow access to services, which ran along the full length of the wall.

We had to ensure the brackets had a perfect line of the finished material. This process was very labour intensive that required masking. However, a perfect line finish was created and the product created the reverberation control required for the space.


“The operatives are a credit to Pacy and Wheatley, great job well done” - Mr Bob Goodey, Project Manager.

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