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The Project

Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics were delighted to have been awarded and completed a Specialist Acoustic Plaster Installation in Canary Wharf, London. The government has created a new office facility in Canary Wharf to move around 5700 civil and public servants from Whitehall Offices to East London. This is an initiative to drive savings across the government estate and make savings to the tax payer.

The Solution

The office space houses a vast number of civil and public servants, so acoustics were a top priority. We installed acoustic solutions to some of the open office and reception areas to ensure unwanted sound and reverberation is controlled, allowing the spaces to be comfortable acoustically.

The integration of linear lighting was required and various details addressed to complete the project and supply the quality required.

Within the 2nd floor of the building, there were numerous meeting rooms in which an issue with reverberation may have been apparent. Our solution to resolve and absorb the unwanted sound was to install Rockfon Mono Acoustic TE to control this.

The project was handed over on time and to budget, and a great working relationship was gained with the client.

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