Specialist Acoustic Plaster System, Berkshire

Eton College Eton Berkshire Plaster
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    Beard Construction
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    Specialist Acoustic Plaster System
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The Project

Pacy & Wheatley have recently completed the installation of a specialist acoustic plaster system for Queen’s School at Eton College in Windsor, Berkshire.

As part of a larger development, Queens School has received an inventive and fantastic roof space which provides a multi purpose, all year round, project based classroom with a double storey greenhouse and large electronic teaching panels with fully digital displays. The area also comes with astrology viewing areas, all of which required treatment to ensure the space was peaceful and have no unwanted reverberation.

The Solution

Beard Construction are a repeat business client who contacted us regarding the scheme and the design which was a sloping ceiling with splays to the perimeter and recessed linear, trim less light fittings. Following the design period Pacy & Wheatley were appointed to install our Rockfon Mono Acoustic product which delivers class A absorption. It was perfect for these new facilities to create a quality environment for users to enjoy and escape bad reverberation.

As the area is such a beautiful location with rooftop garden areas, any social events will also benefit from the views and the quality of the sound within the space.

The final result was a perfect installation with great acoustic performance.