Specialist Acoustic Spray System, Castleford

Castleford school interior Castleford ceiling acoustic spray
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    Castleford Park Junior Academy
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    Specialist Acoustic Spray System
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The Project

Pacy & Wheatley have recently completed the installation of a specialist acoustic spray system for Castleford Park Junior Academy in Castleford.

The academy was built in 1903 and has seen various refurbishments over the years including an extension. There is an old school building attached with a dining hall at the centre and classrooms surrounding it.

The dining hall has a high ceiling with feature beams and ties across it, supporting the visible purlins. Painted surfaces are located in between on various pitches at a height of 8.4 metres high and a footprint of around 180m2 creating a very open space to enjoy for lunchtimes and after school clubs.

The high ceiling and sports hall floor result in poor acoustics throughout the hall. A test confirmed that the hall has a very high reverberation time of around 4.5 seconds, making it unhealthy and unpleasant for the pupils and teachers who are dining.

The Solution

Pacy & Wheatley Interiors were actually carrying out various works on the Academy and refitting many areas and noted the problem to the school Heads and scheme coordinators.

The team mentioned our specialist Acoustic Division who reacted and visited the site. They looked at a few options and came up with placing 37.5mm of Bo spray which is a cellulose Acoustic Spray with very good reverberation absorption qualities. The academy approved the quote to install the product and was scheduled to be carried out within half term 2020. The colour of the spray was light grey, and the reverberation time has reduced to 1.75 seconds which has shown a major improvement.

The project was completed on time and to budget for the client and they have said that it was delivered with fantastic results, allowing all users to work in the space with more comfort.


"The work done by Mark’s team in our school was to an excellent standard from the start of the project to finish. We had regular meetings to update us on progress and the project has been completed within the timescale set. The Site Manager was friendly, professional and organised, always keeping us informed of what was happening and where in school they were working. As the project was for evening work, they had the responsibility of locking up at night and leaving the school clean, tidy and safe ready for the children to come in the following day, which was always done. We had very few issues and any that we did have were resolved immediately. Mark and his team were always happy to help, with nothing too much trouble. Thank you for all your hard work, we are extremely pleased with the results.

The acoustic ceiling work that has been done in our dining hall has had fantastic results. The hall was an extremely loud place to be, even with just a few people in there, let alone when it is full of children at lunch time. Some of our children struggled with the noise and found it difficult to be in there. The acoustic ceiling has significantly reduced the level of reverberation in the hall and is a neat and tidy finish to the ceiling with decoration which in all completely transforms the look of our hall and also makes it a much quieter place to be. The work was completed in a very tight window over half term, but was completed on time and left spotlessly clean."

-Kelly Ineson,

School Business Manager