Swimming Pool, King's Road, Chelsea

Swimming Pool, King's Road, Chelsea
Swimming Pool, King's Road, Chelsea-ceiling
Swimming Pool, King's Road, Chelsea-pool

The Project

A private clients dwelling, located Kings Road, Chelsea, made the decision to install a new swimming pool and spa together with a general refurbishment of the existing house designed by Architects Timothy Hatton. Swimming pools are notorious for producing very high ambient noise levels, echo and reverberation, compound by high ceilings, stone surrounds, rendered walls and an overall hard surface throughout.

The Solution

Pacy and Wheatley were commissioned to supply and install 32mm Ambient Acoustic Plaster System to control the noise reverberation within the pool and spa areas with the objective of achieving a calming atmosphere for pool and spa users to enjoy. The aesthetically pleasing acoustic plaster offers a very clean line to the ceiling area. This project uses our lightly textured product and contains pigmentation. Any pastel colour can be added to the plaster during application. Works were completed on time and within budget and on budget with full liaison throughout the process with both client and there representatives.

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