New Terraco Ambient Acoustic Plaster in Oxford

Terraco Ambient Acoustic Plaster in Oxford
Terraco Ambient Acoustic Plaster - Magdalen College
New Terraco Ambient Acoustic Plaster - Magdalen College

The Project

Pacy and Wheatley were invited by Wright and Wright architects and Stepnell Construction to install 32m2 of seamless Terraco Ambient Acoustic Plaster within 4 different areas in the newly refurbished library area of Magdalen college, Oxford. Magdalen College is one of the constituent colleges of the University of Oxford in England. William of Waynflete founded the College in 1458, although the building itself was extended and the great tower was originally built between 1492 and 1509 by William Orchard, and is an imposing landmark on the eastern approaches to the city centre.

The Solution

This project may have only been a small area but was quite difficult due to the light fittings being installed, which defined the installation area. Other difficulties included the shape of the room due to its corbel features together with the busy location of a through fare of the site. All issues were overcome by working close with the main contactors and other trades working alongside us, the job was fully complete with in the time and on budget. The work and all area was gladly signed off and the job was completed mid January 2016.


“The team and myself would like to say well done, what you have done looks great, and you did what you needed to do without fuss and on time”.
Paul Grandi
Site Manager

Stepnell Construction
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