New Class A Acoustic Installations

The Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics team have been busy, and have recently completed work on two new acoustic installations. One of the projects involved the installation of an acoustic solution to a community centre in the newly built Redbrick Estate, London, while the other involved an acoustic solution for the historic St. Augustine's Church in Ipswich. These two very different buildings were both in need of a solution to reverberation and unwanted echo from a high volume of public traffic. Our team were happy to help, and are proud to offer expert acoustic installations throughout the UK.

The Redbrick Estate is located in Old Street, London, and consists of a total of 55 new homes in three blocks. There are also garden spaces, two retail units, and a new community area. The community centre needed a new acoustic solution to control the level of noise generated by the number of people using the building.

The ceilings in the centre were triangular in design. An acoustic solution was required for the lower sections of these ceiling designs. Our Class A Rockfon Mono installation provided a solution which could control any unwanted ambient noise. The reverberation was also minimised in order to effectively control the sound levels in the communal space. Read more about our project at Redbrick Estate.

Meanwhile, in Ipswich, the historic St. Augustine's Church were due to open a new annexe – a lantern room. The new lantern room was designed as a modern annexe to the main historical building, providing level access and toilet facilities, improving access and the experience in general for visitors with limited mobility.

The new lantern room provides a much larger space for groups to gather. As such, unwanted echoes and reverberation were becoming a problem. Like in our project at Redbrick Estate, our solution was a Rockfon Mono Acoustic product for Class A absorption – two similar solutions for two very different buildings. Click here for more information on the project in Ipswich.

We're proud to be experts in acoustic solutions, providing acoustic installations for a wide range of clients across the UK. You can see more of our completed work on our Case Studies page. 

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