Why Are Acoustics So Important?

Acoustics are fundamental to the comfort of any room. Get it wrong and your room is too quiet, lacking any sort of atmosphere. Or, worse, your room ends up too loud with too much reverberation. Excessive echoes can ruin the ambient quality of any room; from music venues and concert halls, to shopping centres and restaurants. Ever been in a restaurant where you can't hear the person next to you over the rest of the room? So have we.

Specialist Acoustic solutions provide an excellent method of managing any acoustic reverberation issues. At Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics, we provide the full Acoustics installation service. From the initial consultation, where we help decide which acoustic product is best for you, through to the design and installation of your acoustics solution, we offer quality, reliability and consistency for all our customers.

There are several acoustic products we design and install, with a perfect solution for any space. In partnership with Terraco, we've used over 18 years' experience dealing with ambient noise to develop our Ambient Acoustic Plaster system, ideal for controlling most reverberation issues.

Okka Acoustic Pie Needle Panels are perfect for situations where creating a private atmosphere is very important, ideal in locations of all sizes, from small spaces to spacious galleries. MATT Acoustic Panels are a fantastic lightweight sound absorbent, with different perforation and colour to suit any environment.

Vogl's seamless Acoustic Plaster system can be used to significantly improve room acoustics through wall and ceiling surfaces, forming an unbeatable team in terms of aesthetics and sound absorption. On the other hand, Sound Absorbing Baffles and Islands become the perfect solution when it is not possible to employ a fixed Acoustic Solution. These are perfect for large open areas like swimming pools and airport terminals, offering an economical sound solution for large areas.

Whether you're looking for a noise solution for a small, private space or a large restaurant or shopping centre, specialist Acoustic solutions are vital in crafting the perfect ambience for your space. 

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