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Rockfon Mono Acoustics Installation

Rockfon Mono Acoustics Installation for Hannington Hall, Oxford

What Is Mono® Acoustic TE

Seamless acoustic ceiling and wall lining | Acoustic and aesthetic comfort | No more compromises

The current trend in architectural design favours the use of highly reflective, sturdy materials such as metal, glass, stone and concrete. These materials have poor or even non-existent acoustic absorption, creating a real dilemma when it comes to combining design and acoustic comfort.

Designers wishing to free themselves from the grid plan of existing solutions such as modular ceilings or a perforated drywall / plasterboard finish, normally must choose between acoustics and aesthetics. Not any more...

Rockfon has revolutionized the interiors world with its Mono Acoustic TE, an innovative, seamless monolithic ceiling and wall lining with high acoustic absorption.

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Rockfon Mono Acoustics


Full acoustic control for any space | Acoustic enhancement for new and refurbished spaces | High sound absorption | Improved speech intelligibility

Acoustic and aesthetic comfort Mono Acoustic TE’s aesthetic quality matches its acoustic quality. Mono Acoustic TE provides high sound absorption, echo reduction, a significant decrease in reverberation time, together with speech intelligibility enhancement. It has the highest performance of any seamless ceiling available today.

For all kinds of rooms Mono Acoustic TE provides efficient acoustic improvement for both new build and traditional rooms, for small spaces or larger, more impressive areas. It improves acoustic performance and speech intelligibility in open plan or private areas, complex spaces or areas where the original character must be respected and retained. Mono Acoustic TE system can be installed as a complete continuous ceiling, as well as ceiling islands or even on walls for achieving optimum acoustic comfort.


System description and performance the unique Mono Acoustic TE system is a highly acoustic monolithic ceiling and wall lining. This patented innovation is made of high quality stone wool for optimum technical performance. The Mono Acoustic TE system comprises stone wool acoustic panels (40mm) that are covered with a white fleece on the visible side and an anti-aging high-performance membrane on the reverse.

The system enables two types of fixing method for flexibility of installation, and also includes 50mm wide tape to ensure strong and optimum joints between panels, as well as a filler and render (white or colour matched on demand - RAL and NCS). In addition, inspection hatches are available in two sizes: 600 x 600 and 400 x 400mm.

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