Acoustic Plaster Ceiling

Acoustic Plaster

Acoustic Plaster has been around for several years and Pacy and Wheatley Acoustics have been working with specialist plaster manufacturers and have been at the forefront of acoustic plaster product development since 2001.

Acoustic plaster is required mostly in commercial environments where noise reverberation needs to be reduced. We have installed many seamless acoustic plaster solutions throughout the UK and internationally in various types of places such as universities, restaurants, office spaces, entrance halls, museums, libraries, dining areas as well as some very exclusive private residences. For historical buildings our acoustic plaster solutions can be colored to ensure the heritage authorities can bring the building back to life and increase the use of the building without sacrificing appearances.

As the UK’s premier acoustic plaster solutions provider we offer a full vertical solution, from consultation through to supply and installation. We use market leading products, some of which we have helped develop, to achieve significant sound absorption. We are proud to have provided our services to some of the world’s most iconic brands such as:-

Our seamless acoustic plaster systems that we have developed are environmentally friendly, made from 80% recycled materials and have excellent reverberation control. We also have the design flexibility for domes and perfect curves are achievable. The non-polarised material ensures low maintenance and easy cleaning as dust and debris are not drawn to the product surface as normal painted surfaces are. Our products are also incombustible and has excellent fungal resistance.

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