Sound Absorbing Baffles

In many situations it is may not be possible to employ a fixed Acoustic Solution such as our Seamless Acoustic Plaster, either because of building restrictions, or budgetary constraints. In these instances sound absorbing baffles and islands become the perfect solution, easily and economically installed.

Fibral Multiflex baffle

Fibral Multiflex Baffle installed vertically, is applied mostly in large open areas such as public swimming pools or Airport Terminals and offers a flexible and economical sound solution for large or restricted areas.

Rockfon Contour

Rockfon Contour frame-less acoustic baffles, offer state of the art aesthetics very economically. Mostly suited for enhancing acoustics in large areas where ceiling improvements and developments may not be possible.

Rockfon Eclipse

Rockfon Eclipse Portrait or landscape sound absorption islands, with bevelled edges, offer a more visually and contemporary Acoustic Solution. Coupled with rear surface exceptional heat and light reflection.

system rockfon contour

Rockfon System Baffles install either in rows or hang individually with fast economical installation for your quick noise control solution.

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