Terraco Acoustic Plaster

Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics have over 18 years experience in dealing with ambient noise. In partnership with Terraco we have developed our ambient acoustic plaster system, we understand the science of acoustics but more importantly pride ourselves on our knowledge of acoustic noise control. The company has extensive experience in real acoustic engineering in public and private applications.

The Benefits

  • Excellent reverberation control
  • Seamless acoustic finish
  • Enhanced listening experience
  • Excellent design flexibility - can be applied to curved and vaulted ceilings
  • Can be applied equally well to any substrate or suspended ceilings
  • Non hazardous. Vapour permeable
  • Incombustible. Fire rated to BS476 Part 6. BS476 Part 7,
  • Excellent fungal resistance.
  • Uses 80% recyclable material
  • 500 colour variations available on the textured option

Acoustics - the issues

Acoustic Equalisation is part of every day life and is used extensively to amplify and control musical performance. Unwanted reverberation noise can cause great discomfort and pose a serious health hazard, greatly reducing efficiency in the workplace and quality of life.

Minimalist design themes produce architecturally pleasing environments. However such designs, generally incorporate hard, flat surfaces, which produce reverberation and exacerbate unpleasant noise.

Properly controlled acoustics are becoming increasingly important for architects, designers and builders internationally as they strive to meet both design criteria and health and safety standards.



The method of quantifying reverberation time was first developed in 1900 by wallace Sabine, an American Physicist.

  • T = Reverberation time
  • V = Volume in m3
  • A = Average absorption coefficient of the room
  • S = Total surface area of the room in m2

Application Areas

  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Art galleries
  • Museums
  • Open plan offices
  • Restaurants
  • Civic buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Libraries
  • Shopping malls
  • Lecture theatres
  • Meeting rooms
  • Entrance halls
  • Dining areas
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Reception areas
  • Interview rooms
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