Autex Acoustic Walls

Autex Acoustic Walls

Autex Coloured Fabric Acoustic Walls

What Are Autex Fabric Acoustic Walls

Pacy & Wheatley Acoustics are Autex Fabric Acoustic Walls installation specialists, providing reverberation solutions for properties across the UK. Since our creation in 1995, we’ve built an expansive portfolio with projects ranging from shopping centres, football changing rooms, retail spaces and colleges. We’re very proud of the experience and knowledge we have gained in the last two decades, which allows us to recommend the very best product for your space.

Fabric Acoustic Walls are cloth-wrapped panels designed to absorb sound and reduce echo and reverberation in busy spaces. The sound-absorbing boards are placed on walls and ceilings to enhance sound within a space, whilst offering a decorative and functional purpose. Hard surfaces reflect sound energy, so a softer fabric is beneficial in reducing reverberation.

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Autex Acoustic Walls

Autex Fabric Acoustic Wall Range

The Autex range of Fabric Acoustic Walls are high-quality, versatile and modern, offering a stylish solution for every building. Fabric Acoustic Walls are popular in educational environments, such as schools and colleges, as they can be used as a display board.

Composition Fabric Walls are pin, staple and hook-and-look receptive, allowing work and information to be displayed. They’re available in a wide range of colours with limitless design and branding options. The Etch and Symphony range is suited to overlay directly on your chosen surface and is both ornamental and practical; perfect for livening up a neutral space. The Vertiface Fabric Walls are made of a minimum of 90% recycled materials making it a sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice. They are made from 100% of polyester so they won’t stain, rot or fade.

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