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What Is Bowiq Acoustic Plaster

As part of our extensive acoustic plaster range, we install Bowiq Acoustic Plaster throughout the UK. Perfect for use in offices, restaurants, auditoriums, swimming pools and other large areas where noise levels and echoic reverberating spaces need to be controlled with soffit treatment or high level walls.

Bowiq’s premium acoustic products, such as BoSpray, are environmentally friendly solutions that produce a seamless application. BoSpray is available in a range of modern colours including Light Grey, Eco Dark Grey, Black and White; providing excellent acoustical properties with a stylish finish.

BoSpray is a high end water based acoustical spray based on recycled cellulose and can be applied to 25mm in a single application, with a sound absorption NRC of 0.65 at 25mm and at 40mm an NRC at 0.9 is achieved, with a fire-resistant class of Bs1 d0 (according to EN 13501-1); providing an effective solution with a seamless finish.

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